Представлена легковесная редакция Linux-дистрибутива Salix 13.37

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Представлена 1 легковесная редакция Linux-дистрибутива Salix 13.37, базирующаяся на оконном менеджере Fluxbox. Дистрибутив на 100% совместим со Slackware Linux 13.37 и исповедует подход "одно приложение на одну задачу". Salix развивается создателем дистрибутива Zenwalk Linux, покинувшим проект в результате конфликта с другими разработчиками, отстаивавшими политику максимальной похожести на Slackware. Размер загрузочного iso-образа составляет 574 Мб.

Exaile 0.3.2 is the default music player and the Whaaw Media Player, version 0.2.14 is used as the default movie player. Brasero 2.32.1 can be used to burn optical media and extra multimedia codecs can be installed with a few clicks by using the "Install multimedia codecs" tool from the Fluxbox menu. Gimp 2.6.11 is included for all image editing needs and evince can be used to view pdf and postscript documents.

Package management is done using the gslapt package manager or the command line equivalent slapt-get. Sourcery, the new graphical tool for managing and installing packages from SlackBuilds that has been developed from scratch for Salix and was introduced in the 13.37 Xfce is also present here. This is a graphical frontend to slapt-src and complements gslapt, the default graphical package manager. More than 2600 SlackBuilds are available for building and installing packages easily with Sourcery. The original Slackware pkgtools are used for 13.37. Spkg is now a separate package and slapt-get/gslapt have been patched to work directly with spkg. This way we get to keep all benefits of using spkg, while maintaining 100% compatibility with Slackware and 3rd party software like sbopkg.

IBus has replaced SCIM as the default input platform for Chinese, Japanese etc. IBus is more modern than SCIM and should work better with all applications, including Mozilla Firefox. The keyboard configuration system tool has been updated to support IBus as well. Xorg has received a major overhaul and it doesn't use hal for configuration anymore. Individual configuration files can be placed in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory now. The Salix system tools have been updated to support the new configuration scheme. The nouveau driver for nvidia cards is now also included in the default installation, which should provide a better out of the box experience for nvidia users.

A lot of other software is included, like the transmission torrent client and the simple-scan scanning software. Another small addition is gtkman, a GTK+2 man page viewer that has also been developed in house. LXRandr has also been included to make switching screen resolutions easier. A complete development enviroment is included, as in every Salix release, including GCC compilers, python and perl interpreters as well as the Geany lightweight IDE.

The Fluxbox release can be installed in three different modes, as always; the "full" mode, where everything in the iso is installed, the "basic" mode, where only the fluxbox desktop is installed along with only the Firefox browser, the PCMan file manager, the Gslapt package manager, the Sourcery SlackBuild manager and the Salix system tools. Finally there is the "core" mode, where only a minimal console-only installation is performed, with no graphical applications or environment. This is identical to the "core" installation mode in the Salix Xfce 13.37 release and can be used to build a fully customized system from scratch for any intended purpose.

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